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We believe greatness already exists within everyone, and we want to help them find and showcase it.

"Showcase Greatness! Believe that greatness already exists within you and help others in their journey to find and showcase it. Greatness exists in all forms and sky’s the limit! As an esports organization, FlyQuest is dedicated to showcasing greatness competitively. Additionally, FlyQuest is showcasing greatness beyond winning. We launched our #GoGreen initiative to facilitate ways for us to address important environmental issues together. We’ve planted over 10,000 trees with #TreeQuest, became Champions of the Reef with #SeaQuest, and qualified for League of Legends World Championship. We continued to advocate that everyone has the ability to affect real change for our planet through #WorldsQuest. No one expected an esports organization to work on more than a winning brand. We’ve only dipped our toes in the space and will continue to build something that truly makes a difference."

-Tricia Sugita, CEO


In 2020, we started our #GoGreen initiative, because we believe everyone has the ability to affect real change for our planet, and we want to facilitate ways for us to address important environmental issues together.

Green, as a color, symbolizes so much of what is important to us. It represents life, nature, growth, harmony, and the environment. FlyQuest is committed to showcasing the greatness of green. We wear it proudly as our primary color, we moved into this facility, aptly named “The Greenhouse,” and we are embracing ways to save our green planet.

2020 LCS Spring Split - TreeQuest

Over 10,000 trees planted!

2020 LCS Summer Split - SeaQuest

Over $15,000 donated to the coral reefs!

2020 LoL World Championship - WorldsQuest

Over $2,500 donated to the trees and seas!

2021 LCS Spring Split - BeeQuest

Over $12,000 donated to the bees!

2021 LCS Summer Split - SunnyQuest

Over $14,000 donated to Solar Energy!

January 16, 2017

FlyQuest is born

Once the Cloud9 Challengers team, the roster is promoted and becomes the newest addition to the LCS: FlyQuest.

Summer & Spring 2018

Permanent NALCS spot and team building

FlyQuest grabs a permanent slot in the NALCS and upsets TSM in week 1 of the Spring Splt. With many strong games and nail-biting tiebreakers, FlyQuest ended the year as a solid team, ready to take on the next year's splits.

Spring 2020

FlyQuest advances to finals

After a tremendous lower bracket run, sweeping one team and edging out another, FlyQuest advances to it's first ever finals in the LCS.

2021 to now

New phone who this?

In the 2021 season, FlyQuest undergoes many roster changes while bringing in some talent new to the NALCS. With a new roster, larger initiative goals and more, FlyQuest keeps building and setting up for the 2022 year of LCS and Academy.

Summer 2017

Shocks the scene; reverse sweep

FlyQuest shocked many by wins over the first four weeks, playing a variety of out-of-meta picks including Zed in the mid lane and Evelynn in the jungle. FlyQuest enters the playoffs and reverse sweeps CLG.

Spring 2019

Playoffs clinched; top-end finish

After multiple solid games; FlyQuest earns a playoff slot in a nail-biting tiebreaker with Golden Guardians. With a strong overall finish, FlyQuest further solidifies their position in the LCS.

Summer 2020 and Worlds

FlyQuest enters Worlds

After a solid run during the regular season, FlyQuest fights through the season and enters playoffs again, as one of the top teams. After a grueling 5 game series, FlyQuest advances to it's first Worlds as NA's second place finalist.


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